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Chubby Charmer is a great BIG bag! Its wide bottom is fantastic for many uses. As an overnight bag, beach bag, diaper bag, etc. The bottom is wide enough to fit a 9" x 13" casserole pan! Approx. 14" tall x 18" wide x 10" deep

Please note: There are several pieces that you will need to make sure you bring to class - precut and ready to sew. If you need help with cutting or with the sizes, please make sure to stop by the store prior to class night so that we can assist you with them.

Sewing machine: clean, oiled and in good working condition
Quarter inch foot and walking foot if you have them(Very Helpful)

Universal presser foot,  Size 80 and 90 (or 100)universal needles

Chubby Charmer Pattern (Available at Suddenly Sewing)

Big button

1 Charm pack

2 1/2 yards of coordinating yardage for lining, straps and pockets

Fusible fleece-2 ¾ yds. Not needed if you use Soft & Stable or In-R-Form for the whole bag

Soft and Stable or In-R Form-
for bottom only: 10’ x 20” piece,
for entire bag: ½ yd. x 60” wide

Décor Bond, one piece 9” x 12”


Magnetic Purse closure

Straight Pins AND/OR Wonder Clips

Thread: Neutral Piecing thread and Coordinating thread for quilting
(50 Wt Cotton is preferrable)

Prior to class:

Make sure your sewing machine is clean oiled and in good working condition.

If you are using a charm pack you will need 4 additional 5” x 5” squares.   If you are cutting all of your squares, cut 44-5” x 5”.


Cut your lining pieces:

From Lining fabric, cut two 27” x 18” pieces.

If using fusible fleece, cut 6 pieces 27” x 18”.

If using soft and stable, cut 2 pieces 27” x 18”.

 For the Handles:

Cut one piece each of fabric and fleece 6 ½” x Width of Fabric.


pattern required for class
Instructor Name:
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$ 35.00